Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Overwhelmed By Manifested Clutter!!

I do have to apologize for being SO absent this week. I have been preoccupied with LEFTOVERS from last weeks' mess where I closed my MySpace page, dealing with the finishing touches of Halloween, trying to work on the beginnings of another HUGE series for my other blog, AND getting ready for a trip out of town to go to a wedding.

I'm tired just thinking about it!

First off, I had to close my MySpace page. I got so tired of the WHINING and no one REALLY communicates, but just copies and pastes little things back and forth...and then the same old bulletins and quizzes...and it is WORSE if you have family as a circle of friends (GOOD GRIEF). I just didn't have the time or stomach for it any more, it was DEPRESSING to go on there every day and see which "friends" had changed their profile names ....for the BILLIONTH time...and which ones were still griping...

Had to let it go....It was fun to play with the pages and add videos and such...but I wanted more, I guess.

Secondly, the outside of our house would've been decorated this past weekend EXCEPT we are going out of town this weekend and have put it off. That is okay, though it gives us less time to tweak it and enjoy. The inside is done, but I have a few more pictures to take--that'll have to wait until later.

Next, is the HUGE series that is coming up on the other blog. I don't know why God is giving me LARGER projects like this now, but I have to be OBEDIENT to what He's telling me and just write it as HE sees fit and NOT as I SEE FIT.

Lastly, we are heading to my husband's hometown of Milwaukee and surrounding area this weekend. We are attending the wedding of his oldest niece. We haven't been up there since his Mom passed during Memorial Day week of 2006. Hubby has visited briefly with his youngest brother and his family, but has only seen them for a few hours. Our trip will be quickly up and back as we leave tomorrow afternoon and then have to come back Sunday. My boys are on Fall Break this week, so today, I need to finish getting stuff packed up and re-attach my head. It's always tense going on trips with my husband.

Needless to say, I've had a high-powered week, fraught with emotion and danger...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....Not really, I just wanted to use the word "fraught" in a sentence.

You see? Completely and certifiably CLUTTERED!!

I'll see y'all on the flipside o' Sunday where I HOPE the Kentucky Wildcats, Wisconsin Badgers, AND Green Bay Packers are STILL having UNDEFEATED seasons!!

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cmm4chris said...

I can't hardly keep up with a single blog and you tackle 3, care for two young boys AND do a MASS Halloween decorating BONANZA. No apologies necessary!

I'm excited about your trip though I know it can be stressful on everyone involved. I hope you all have a safe and uneventful ride there. Enjoy yourselves tremendously during your visit and a smooth trip home.

I hope your teams do well too!

Disclaimer: I have no idea what the definition of "bonanza" really is, I see it alot on tv. ;-)