Monday, November 26, 2007

That Light in the Southern Sky, Part 2

Believe it or not, this is LAYER 2 of my tree!!....Oh, I know..YOU might say, "It looks done", YOU say, "It looks fine", YOU SAY, "Wow, YOU ARE ONE CRAZY WOMAN!"

Well, that may be true.

But I have much work to do and I'm so very behind schedule, so I must get OFF my BEHIND and get to work...kiss kiss.


cmm4chris said...

**whistle, whistle**

Lookin' GOOOOOD!!!

You are not a crazy woman and it looks wonderful. You go girl.

Very nice... Looking forward to seeing more photos as things progress! :)

ServoCrow said...

Well...there are times when I think I'm absolutely certifiable...

*hums softly in defiance*

cmm4chris said...

You are in good company then!