Tuesday, December 18, 2007

When Life Hands You Lemons....

In total height, it is probably about 7 1/2'... more than likely taller to the very tip. A real Frasier Fir that I bought at our local grocery store. It is VERY SIMPLY decorated with white lights...red and silver glass balls. VERY small green, blue, and red glass balls...and red berry sprays throughout.
So...we did not go through Christmas without a tree gracing our living room.
But from this Christmas and many Christmases to come, the tree that DOES enter our primary living space will no longer be the same as it once was.
That will be entered into the ledger book into the Ghosts of Christmas past....not to be seen again....until its necessary time..
For now, this tree, and 11 months of thinking about what the other options will be...will have to suffice.

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cmm4chris said...

Still so very sad. :-(