Monday, September 24, 2007

Moniker Mayhem *HEAVY EYE ROLL*

I didn't think that when I chose the moniker for this blog (among the varying ONLINE names I possess as I DO NOT like using my real name under any circumstances) that I would stir someone to want to "stomp" me out...but the subject title indicates...*HEAVY EYE ROLL*, Whether the "stomp out" be in jest or serious (because I can't tell), I got a couple of UNFRIENDLY comments this weekend that I decided NOT to post, you can get the idea from this person's angst by going here:

What follows is my personal note to "servocrow":

OBVIOUSLY, I am using a different Google-based domain and NOT a "gmail" account and I watched MST3K during its FIRST run (possibly while you were still in short pants). I have NOT used the name "servocrow" for as long as you say you have, but since you do not own exclusive RIGHTS to it and I WAS NOT BLOCKED FROM USING IT, I picked it because of its nice flow and how it looks on checks. If I could've thought of a SWELL name combining Servo, Crow, Gypsy, Cambot, Mike, Joel, TV's Frank, Dr. F., Pearl, Bobo, Brain Guy and Dr. Erhardt---THEN I WOULD HAVE used THAT as an online moniker instead. As it stands, I will REMAIN "ServoCrow" with the capital letters because I love both of those little bots equally and since their names are PROPER NOUNS, they should be capitalized. As for your comment about NOT knowing which show the clip (posted earlier) was from??? There, I must take MSTie humbrage with you again, as it is (and I'm not going to accuse YOU of not knowing this) from episode #421 Monster A-Go-Go and happens to be my favorite quote. So PLEASE, PLEASE....take a little break from the disease which you are suffering: ARS -- Angry Robot Syndrome and watch a couple of seasons of the show and post again when you've calmed down a bit. I'm sorry you cannot get a government check for it yet. There's room enough on the World Wide Web for everyone and remember, "....Repeat to yourself, it's JUST a show, I should really just RELAX..."

Now, for those of you who want to know MORE about the show, go here: .....I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing day doing things that are FUN and enjoyable. I'm going to continue with some picking up and putting away all the things that happen around the house during the weekend...and maybe I can squeeze in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. I suddenly have a hankering for some cheese-skewering.

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cmm4chris said...

If I found someone on the web using the same moniker as me, I would be flattered instead of outraged.


Does this person have nothing better to do than to be upset over a name? If so, that's sad.

Rock on ServoCrow, ROCK ON!

"...nice flow and how it looks on checks." .... ROTFLOL