Friday, September 21, 2007

So You Think It's Too Early For Halloween?

Well, as Wilford Brimley barks during his Liberty Medical commercials, "THINK AGAIN!!!"

I did 20 years HARD TIME in the retail INDUSTRY, and I KNOW EARLY....and this ain't it...

This is only PART of the INSANITY I put myself through beginning each Labor Day weekend. The frivolity DOES NOT end until I'm watching College Bowl games on New Year's Day (Go BADGERS!! Go THAT would be KENTUCKY...and yeah, SOMETIMES we know what to do with those little balls that have the points on the ends...oh how I digress again....).

ANYWAY....This picture on the bottom is just a little corner of a HUGE bookshelf. I do plan on taking more pictures next week and release the glory of my Home Decoration Creation in bits and pieces to the roving eyes who may skid by. I don't know if the AVERAGE, NON-Holiday-decorating Homo Sapien could handle it all at once, so I MUST BE CAREFUL...

With great power comes....great...something-something....

As you can see by this picture, I am a HUGE fan of the Jack-O-Lantern...Now, as a PRACTICING, Born-Again Christian I am well-aware that many people sitting on church pews get all bent out of shape celebrating Halloween and whatever Pagan rituals that might be associated with it. I DO NOT get caught up in this MESS...TO ME, a Jack-O-Lantern is a wonderful, cut-up, GOD-CREATED vegetable, emitting a wonderful glow when the sun goes down. Pumpkins make GREAT PIES, and the seeds are delicious too. There is ONLY something inherently evil if it is in your heart to make it so....SO, I shan't Picard this holiday. Halloween is a fun time for dressing up, eating candy, watching scary movies, and ENJOYING the wonderful change of season. Besides, Halloween is ALSO my Dad's birthday, so IT WILL ALWAYS BE a celebratory time. I also have this corner shelf adorned with some Peanuts memorabilia (another long-time seasonal tradition of ours) and some cards.

Now, the picture on the top is our front doorway. Each year I have to slightly modify the decorations somewhat. This time last year, we did not have our plasma TV OR our new living room set, so things that I had for my "sit-abouts" are no longer available to me (or are in different rooms). The ghost hanging on the door was one I made over a decade ago. The orange covered "table" that is sitting on the floor is ACTUALLY a large DOLL CASE. In it, is a $500 Scarlett O'Hara doll from The Franklin Mint! I covered her with orange material and put a black tree on top (which has ornaments on it -- I'll have a better picture later in my Flickr Album). In front are two ceramic owls which belonged to my late Mother-in-law.

So, you see....I've only begun to AT LEAST SHOW PEOPLE...The outside will be started in the next couple of weeks. The inside, except for some odds and ends stuff is nearly complete and there is NOT ONE ROOM that doesn't have SOMETHING in it.

You see, I have to start early.....If I didn't -- I'd NEVER get done!!!


cmm4chris said...

You really have a knack for decorating. Always fun to see your home in full Halloween attire.

I bet your neighborhood kids all make sure they stop at your house to trick-or-treat.

A Scarlet O'Hara doll sounds fantasmogorical!

Great stuff!

Hard time in retail... hehehehehe

ServoCrow said...

Well, it's good clean fun anyways. I hope to have more pics up next week. We try to make the house as inviting as possible on Halloween. Don't like to make it TOO SCARY. Got lots of kiddies in the neighborhood so it makes it fun.

pumbaa_co said...


Love how you get started in decorating for Halloween! Its almost how some people are for Christmas! :)

I can understand the feeling about retail, I think how much I like people then start working then I realize how much I DISlike them!

Les (from mst3k)

ServoCrow said...

Les, THANKS so much for stopping by!!! I should have more pics up next week in the blog and I'll post the link to my Flickr Acct. too. Hope you stop by often. I know you also have done/are doing "time" in retail..

YIKES!! I still can't get some of those K-mart jingles from over 25 years ago out of my head!! ;-D