Thursday, September 20, 2007

Why Here..

Let me tell you that I have tried many different places. I currently have a thriving blog (actually two of them) in the Yahoo! 360 world. I like the format there. I also have a MySpace page which is such a WASTE of time because NO ONE actually does anything worthwhile there except post inane quizzes, upload songs, and pimp (steal) pictures from one another. It would be okay if you networked with family members or a like group of people (I suppose), BUT I enjoy by anonymity online and really don't like to harness myself to private pages (just so my family can read it). Of course, since I am a Christian, many of my family members AVOID ME LIKE THE BLACK PLAGUE, and don't invite me into their world anyhow. That is fine. I left my hometown free and clear 20 years ago this November and never looked back. I do not need their approval or their affection in my life -- I've pretty much been without it for a very long time anyways.

It is different with my Dad and Step mom...AT LEAST they come and see me (along with one niece who makes the effort now that I live within a few hours driving distance to home). Most family members believe the interstate only travels one way. And even on the times when I visit my hometown, my own BLOOD siblings do not make an effort to see me then. And so the apathy grows....

But I digress....

I was prompted by a friend to use this blog spot and I promise the posts to be wittier and weirder. I just had to let off some steam; knowing I have no previous family members on this reading list; nor do I plan to.

So I am here to talk about things I don't get to talk about normally to anyone (save the voices in my head...muahahahahahahahahahahaa)....I hope to figure out the little idiosyncrasies of this page to upload a few more pictures and make it, at the very least, VISUALLY interesting.

Until then....My Cluttered Mind has some Halloween Decorating to do...Early you say? Ah, well, we'll discuss that tomorrow....along with "Where did that weird moniker come from?"


cmm4chris said...

I feel like such a groopie subscribing to your multiple blogs. I can't help it though, you have an additive personality that is so much fun to be around!

Cool that you found a public place that you can hang out and let your hair down!

This groopie yells... ROCK ON my blogging friend, ROCK ON!

Unimonster said...

Great Blog, Servo... And that video clip explains A LOT!!!!!!

cmm4chris said...

Four give m'eye spell in miss takes. Don' know what came'ith
over mea.

additive = ADDICTIVE

What in the world is s groopie anyway? Sounds like some sort of fish.

GROUPIE, it's groupie!

(Howdy there, Unimonster!)

ServoCrow said...

Thanks for visiting, y'all! Don't worry 'bout the spellin'...Hukt on fonix werkt fer me!