Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The HHS Epidemic...

I know people who are afflicted with HHS (the HEE HAW SYNDROME)...They are always singing, "Gloom, despair, and agony on me...." and they always wring their hands talking about their horrible life and can NEVER SEE anything GOOD..
Do you know people like that?

Monday, September 24, 2007

Moniker Mayhem *HEAVY EYE ROLL*

I didn't think that when I chose the moniker for this blog (among the varying ONLINE names I possess as I DO NOT like using my real name under any circumstances) that I would stir someone to want to "stomp" me out...but the subject title indicates...*HEAVY EYE ROLL*, Whether the "stomp out" be in jest or serious (because I can't tell), I got a couple of UNFRIENDLY comments this weekend that I decided NOT to post, you can get the idea from this person's angst by going here:

What follows is my personal note to "servocrow":

OBVIOUSLY, I am using a different Google-based domain and NOT a "gmail" account and I watched MST3K during its FIRST run (possibly while you were still in short pants). I have NOT used the name "servocrow" for as long as you say you have, but since you do not own exclusive RIGHTS to it and I WAS NOT BLOCKED FROM USING IT, I picked it because of its nice flow and how it looks on checks. If I could've thought of a SWELL name combining Servo, Crow, Gypsy, Cambot, Mike, Joel, TV's Frank, Dr. F., Pearl, Bobo, Brain Guy and Dr. Erhardt---THEN I WOULD HAVE used THAT as an online moniker instead. As it stands, I will REMAIN "ServoCrow" with the capital letters because I love both of those little bots equally and since their names are PROPER NOUNS, they should be capitalized. As for your comment about NOT knowing which show the clip (posted earlier) was from??? There, I must take MSTie humbrage with you again, as it is (and I'm not going to accuse YOU of not knowing this) from episode #421 Monster A-Go-Go and happens to be my favorite quote. So PLEASE, PLEASE....take a little break from the disease which you are suffering: ARS -- Angry Robot Syndrome and watch a couple of seasons of the show and post again when you've calmed down a bit. I'm sorry you cannot get a government check for it yet. There's room enough on the World Wide Web for everyone and remember, "....Repeat to yourself, it's JUST a show, I should really just RELAX..."

Now, for those of you who want to know MORE about the show, go here: .....I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing day doing things that are FUN and enjoyable. I'm going to continue with some picking up and putting away all the things that happen around the house during the weekend...and maybe I can squeeze in a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode. I suddenly have a hankering for some cheese-skewering.

Friday, September 21, 2007

So You Think It's Too Early For Halloween?

Well, as Wilford Brimley barks during his Liberty Medical commercials, "THINK AGAIN!!!"

I did 20 years HARD TIME in the retail INDUSTRY, and I KNOW EARLY....and this ain't it...

This is only PART of the INSANITY I put myself through beginning each Labor Day weekend. The frivolity DOES NOT end until I'm watching College Bowl games on New Year's Day (Go BADGERS!! Go THAT would be KENTUCKY...and yeah, SOMETIMES we know what to do with those little balls that have the points on the ends...oh how I digress again....).

ANYWAY....This picture on the bottom is just a little corner of a HUGE bookshelf. I do plan on taking more pictures next week and release the glory of my Home Decoration Creation in bits and pieces to the roving eyes who may skid by. I don't know if the AVERAGE, NON-Holiday-decorating Homo Sapien could handle it all at once, so I MUST BE CAREFUL...

With great power comes....great...something-something....

As you can see by this picture, I am a HUGE fan of the Jack-O-Lantern...Now, as a PRACTICING, Born-Again Christian I am well-aware that many people sitting on church pews get all bent out of shape celebrating Halloween and whatever Pagan rituals that might be associated with it. I DO NOT get caught up in this MESS...TO ME, a Jack-O-Lantern is a wonderful, cut-up, GOD-CREATED vegetable, emitting a wonderful glow when the sun goes down. Pumpkins make GREAT PIES, and the seeds are delicious too. There is ONLY something inherently evil if it is in your heart to make it so....SO, I shan't Picard this holiday. Halloween is a fun time for dressing up, eating candy, watching scary movies, and ENJOYING the wonderful change of season. Besides, Halloween is ALSO my Dad's birthday, so IT WILL ALWAYS BE a celebratory time. I also have this corner shelf adorned with some Peanuts memorabilia (another long-time seasonal tradition of ours) and some cards.

Now, the picture on the top is our front doorway. Each year I have to slightly modify the decorations somewhat. This time last year, we did not have our plasma TV OR our new living room set, so things that I had for my "sit-abouts" are no longer available to me (or are in different rooms). The ghost hanging on the door was one I made over a decade ago. The orange covered "table" that is sitting on the floor is ACTUALLY a large DOLL CASE. In it, is a $500 Scarlett O'Hara doll from The Franklin Mint! I covered her with orange material and put a black tree on top (which has ornaments on it -- I'll have a better picture later in my Flickr Album). In front are two ceramic owls which belonged to my late Mother-in-law.

So, you see....I've only begun to AT LEAST SHOW PEOPLE...The outside will be started in the next couple of weeks. The inside, except for some odds and ends stuff is nearly complete and there is NOT ONE ROOM that doesn't have SOMETHING in it.

You see, I have to start early.....If I didn't -- I'd NEVER get done!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okay, I Have to Add This....Explanation Tomorrow

MST3K: Gypsy Doesn't Get Crow

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Why Here..

Let me tell you that I have tried many different places. I currently have a thriving blog (actually two of them) in the Yahoo! 360 world. I like the format there. I also have a MySpace page which is such a WASTE of time because NO ONE actually does anything worthwhile there except post inane quizzes, upload songs, and pimp (steal) pictures from one another. It would be okay if you networked with family members or a like group of people (I suppose), BUT I enjoy by anonymity online and really don't like to harness myself to private pages (just so my family can read it). Of course, since I am a Christian, many of my family members AVOID ME LIKE THE BLACK PLAGUE, and don't invite me into their world anyhow. That is fine. I left my hometown free and clear 20 years ago this November and never looked back. I do not need their approval or their affection in my life -- I've pretty much been without it for a very long time anyways.

It is different with my Dad and Step mom...AT LEAST they come and see me (along with one niece who makes the effort now that I live within a few hours driving distance to home). Most family members believe the interstate only travels one way. And even on the times when I visit my hometown, my own BLOOD siblings do not make an effort to see me then. And so the apathy grows....

But I digress....

I was prompted by a friend to use this blog spot and I promise the posts to be wittier and weirder. I just had to let off some steam; knowing I have no previous family members on this reading list; nor do I plan to.

So I am here to talk about things I don't get to talk about normally to anyone (save the voices in my head...muahahahahahahahahahahaa)....I hope to figure out the little idiosyncrasies of this page to upload a few more pictures and make it, at the very least, VISUALLY interesting.

Until then....My Cluttered Mind has some Halloween Decorating to do...Early you say? Ah, well, we'll discuss that tomorrow....along with "Where did that weird moniker come from?"

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Well, So I Begin...Again

I will post randomness that enters this often cluttered mind of mine....I could be here many times or rarely. I'm going to try this on like an outfit found at a yard sale -- It is picked it up cheaply, if it fits well, then by gum, I'll wear it all the time...

If it doesn' the back of the closet you go with the other blog pages I've tried on.