Friday, August 19, 2016

And Like a Flower, She Faded Away..

I was re-reading a couple of MUCH older posts, which wasn't difficult considering the number of times I have actually utilized this space over the years.

I came upon THAT Christmas.

The horrific one in 2007 where in a moment's rage, many things were destroyed, but nothing so much as the ripped fabric of our family.  Oh, we are still together, but it seems we are always on an unending, high-alert, eggshell-walking journey that just goes from one blow up to the next. It always explodes from one and the collateral damage is left on the rest of us.  As a result, one son is chronically depressed and suffers from bipolar disorder.  The other son, much like myself, keeps everything locked inside and tries to manage "life".  We can't enjoy things like normal families do.  Everything is paid at such an emotional high price that some days I wonder why we have to keep going through this.

I know the LORD has His reasons.

I trust Him to help us through it.

But, today....I feel like the faded flower in my photo. Once, I was vibrant and shining in the son. Today, I am ready to fade away in the rain.

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